Saturday, February 20, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had 2 weeks off school for Christmas break this year and we loved it!! We spent the first week at home and the 2nd week in Missouri with my family.
One night we went out to eat and shopping with the Middleton's. We got Addi and Grant's picture taken with Santa. It cracked me up because they both just crawled up in his lap like they had been friends forever. It turned out to be a great picture, but I'm not sure what I did with it...sad but true. Anyway, as soon as Grant was finished with Santa he spotted the guns to shoot deer. He was so excited to say the least. Here are a few pics of him thinking he is shooting deer...

Also during this week Ryan Miller (one of our youth kids) came over to make Christmas candy. I think we ended up making candy 2 or 3 times before the holidays were over, and it was ALL delicious.

Christmas morning was Beau, Grant, and myself and I loved it. I really thought I might get sad because this was the first Christmas we were not going to be with any family, but it turned out awesome!!! Grant LOVED opening all of his presents, and then playing with them for the rest of the day. Beau and I enjoyed watching him opening them and playing with them the rest of the day. The Middleton's invited us over to their family lunch, which was very thoughtful and sweet, so we did still get to eat a great meal. Let's face it, if they wouldn't have invited us over we probably would have eaten sandwich's or a frozen pizza!!:)

Doodaa and Pops went to the NFR in Vegas and bought Grant and bull rider's vest and had 4 bull riders sign it!!

They also sent a car table, which he LOVES!!

After a long day of playing, here he is with his ug, pillow, and yes a pacifier! Our friends got him this "ugly" doll when we brought him home, and he for some reason here lately loves it, and sleeps with it every night.
This is just a picture of my favorite face that he makes.....

I bought him these precious reindeer pj's for Christmas eve night and he did not like them at all!! He tried to pull them off!
Another gift that he got was the nerf basketball goal. We all played this the majority of the day and still do!

We got him bathtub crayons, and if you will look on the back tub wall you will see the awesome drawing of a horse that I drew. Everytime anyone is drawing anything he wants them to stop and draw and horse, cow, and duck!

Now moving on to our gifts...I totally got a pink snuggie and LOVE it!

We had a white Christmas which was also awesome, so here is Grant super excited to go play in the snow!

The Sunday after Christmas we drove up to my brother Trent's house to spend time with my side of the family! My mom decided to change things up this year and have a fiesta, hence all the sombrero's and flowers in our hair! Here is Hope, me, and Emma wasting time while the food was being prepared.

Mindy and precious Gracelyn!!
Mom and her posse...Monica and I
The kids...Grant, Emma, Hope, Kado, Steven, Michael, Sarah, and Gracelyn

My family

Michael helping Grant open his massive horse book! I really think it weighs more then GrantThese crazy girls wanted me to beautify them, so I spent 2 hours getting them ready and these are the results...not bad

Emma took sooooo many pictures of herself with my camera, and then jumped in a lot of pictures I was taking. Grant and Kado sat here everyday to eat a banana together. They were so fun this time. The older they get the more they enjoy playing with each other. I love it!

Emma again with my camera...

Beautiful Sarah, who is looking more and more like her mother everyday! One of my families traditions is my mom gives us $10, we draw names, go to Wal-Mart to buy a gift, and then go to Pizza Hut to exchange them. This year it changed a little bit. We started at Pizza Hut, went to Wal-Mart and exchanged gifts in the Wal-Mart snackbar area, and then went roller skating!!

Todd and Julie with Gracelyn. I totally think they need another baby!!
Just a really great picture of Monica! Makes me laugh every time!

Here we are at the skating rink. Trent is 6' 6". He is not wearing roller skates and I am! How sad is that!!! I am HUGE!

I love this picture of all us about to hit the floor!

The funny thing about this picture is that mom is standing flat footed and so am I!!

Here is another picture of the boys enjoying there snack and Emma jumping in the picture!

Sweet Gracelyn and Grant watching TV!

Kado and Grant at bedtime

When Monica and I get together we tend to do A LOT of laughing, and the best part of that is that Monica cries everytime she laughs! So if you it looks like Monica's eyes are glistening, they are, with tears!!:) We told Beau to take a picture of us which turned into like 23 pictures because we kept laughing, and thought that our faces looked fat!
This is us trying to make ourselves appear thinner...

Hope and Emma wanted in on the sisterly love time...
Beau and Emma acting tough, which neither one are...

That wraps up 2009 Christmas!! Holidays always remind me how much I love my family, and how much God has blessed my life!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving in December

First off if you didn't get a Christmas card I am sorry, I did not order enough and I am too lazy to order more. Here are the 3 pictures I used, so here's your Merry Christmas card...

I just love this vest on him! No other reason for this pic!

The week before we left for Thanksgiving, Grant got the stomache flu! He was pitiful! It broke my heart!

I was sitting next to him on the couch talking with a friend on the phone rubbing his head, and when I looked down he was out!

This is on our 13 hour Thanksgiving trip to Beau's house! Grant LOVES to listen to my ipod and watch "Boots"! He did awesome! I was so proud of how he traveled!

Once we arrived on the ranch I didn't see Grant until it was time to come back home, 5 days later!! He loved being there to say the least! The weather was perfect, and he played outside from the time the sun came up until it went down! Everyday he went out and fed Pretty Girl (horse) and the cows with Pops!

Here he is chasing cows. Dangerous? Probably!

Playing football with his cousins...

MIA (Kristy) and Beau

Colt and Grant


Doodoo (Doodaa) and Pops

After the fabulous Thanksgiving meal, we all headed to the park to play

More pictures of Grant outside, climbing a fence to check on the horse.

Eating his 15th peanutbutter ball ...

Pops reading the kids "The Polar Express". Grant NOT listening!

Pops and Doodaa with the grandkids

Rusty, Heather, Colt, and Cassie

Kristy, Joel, Jace, and Kennedi

The Polar Express train ride!!!

Sweet Thatcher! We love you!!

Beau, Grant and I left 70 degree weather, right after the train ride and drove to Amarillo to spend the night. When we woke up the next morning this is what it looked like outside!!